Potion brewer

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Commisioned character for Warhammer Fantasy


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Eyes on me while I draw

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Available on Society6

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Hai! I’ve put my stuff available on Society6! I’ll be updating it throughout the year but feel free to take a look already. Will be uploading my work to a more European centered alternative soon as well!



Box Art!

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Had a try out to see if watercolour would work on these cardboxes. Will make more of them in the fruture!


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fb_img_1475306848219 fb_img_1475306869364

Pieter in pencil

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Inked and coloured version coming soon

Get with the program

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For those of you who’d like, from now on you can also follow me on your favorite social media; www.facebook.com/fistfuloflines

It’s a plague thing

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Something else I did on demand a while back.


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