Just your ordinary geek on a Saturday

October 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Just in case you haven’t heard it already, F.A.C.T.S. (an all-round geek convention) was in Ghent this weekend. It was filled with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comics and Anime fans. So just a small update for now with some snapshots for those of you who wanted a look inside but couldn’t be there.

There were many shops to spend all of your hard earned cash in just a mere minutes and sometimes, as it was in my case, leave you with just enough money for a ride back home. Of course there were cosplayers as well, their outfits had a wide range of quality though, judge for yourself with these two transformers.

My favorite however was this Aquaman dad  who took his son with him as the Martian Manhunter. Anyone dressed as the Justice League is already a big plus to me, but this little guy was so cute! I think he was getting a bit tired though, poor guy. I wonder if he’ll be thankful or regretful when he grows up and thinks back about his adventures with dad to comic conventions.

More important were the shops though. Some had more enthousiastic sellers than others but i’m sure most people found what they were looking for.

One shop even sold this hugging pillow, at least i think it’s some sort of hugging pillow.. I’m not sure if I want to know if anyone bought it..

Anyways, that’s just a small impressions of what you missed (or didn’t miss but then hopefully enjoyed).
This is the loot that I got out of it, was a bit embarrassing when I wanted to pay for some of these and apperantly had less money on my creditcard than I thought but in the end I got what I wanted.
There’s also a small sketchbook of Art Garfunkel, which had some really funny stuff in it. If you didn’t buy it or haven’t seen any of his work already, then at least make sure you check him out on his facebook!

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