Did someone say jibberish?

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Drawings can be very… let’s just say, jibberish. When I create something, it may seem logic and clear to me, as if you’re making something with your own language, but that doesn’t necessary mean that it makes sense for someone else, or that it should have to make any sense to anyone at all.
That’s why, for me personally, it’s important to often free your hand and free your mind instead of creating obstacles for yourself and this is where the jibberish drawings fit in. So don’t expect too much from it, sometimes things like these may get created by unconscious associations, but what the hell, i’m not here to analyse it,  I’m just trying to follow my intuition.
And I’m not trying to limit myself to just one type of thing, I guess “freedom” (or at least relative freedom) is of essence here, so these are different type of doodles/drawings (the 2 very scribbled doodles are actually really fast gesture drawings), but in the end, they’re all just jibberish.

I have no clue if that made any sense at all…  Hope you enjoy the update! (And don’t forget to tip your barmaid)

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